10 Things my Autistic Kids Wished you Knew, from LostandTired.com

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We often say that no researcher or doctor can really portray what it is like to live with someone with Autism or have Autism the way someone living it every day can. Rob, a father of three children with Autism and the creator of Lost and Tired, wrote a list called “10 Things my Autistic Kids Wished you Knew”. With his permission, we are reposting that list for you today because we believe that this is the most pure way for anyone to truly begin to understand the life of a person with autism. Please also take the time to vote for his blog by clicking on this link http://picketfenceblogs.com/vote/3616

10 Things my Autistic Kids Wished you Knew

1. I’m sorry I have fits but I’m not a spoiled brat. I’m just so much younger on the inside than I am on the outside.

2. I’m easily overwhelmed because I see and hear everything. I hear the lights hum and clock tick. Everything is so loud it makes my head hurt all the time and my eyes hurt from all the bright lights.

3. I’m not stupid, I’m actually very smart. I just don’t learn the way you want me to. Please learn about Autism so you know how to help me better understand what you are trying to teach.

4. Please don’t be mad at mommy and daddy because we don’t come over for holidays or birthdays. They really want to go but I don’t do well at another person’s house. It’s too overwhelming for me and they know that. They don’t go because they love me, NOT because they don’t like you.

5. Please have patience with me. I try really hard to make good decisions but I can be very impulsive at times.

6. Yes, I have Autism but that doesn’t mean I’m less of a person because of it. If anything, I’m actually more of a person in spite of it.

7. My house might be messy sometimes. It’s because my mommy and daddy spend all their time trying to find new ways to help me or teach my brother to talk..

8. Just because I can’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t understand what you are saying. My feelings can be hurt just like yours.

9. I wish my mommy and daddy knew how much I love them. I have a really hard time with emotions and I don’t always like to be touched. But I love them more than anything in the world, even more then my Lego’s.

10. I know I can be frustrating but don’t tell me I won’t amount to anything because I have Autism. If you love and support me I WILL do great things in my life in spite of my challenges.

Rob, Lost and Tired.com

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