A Brief Look at the Movies About Autism

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With the Academy Awards happening tonight, I thought we would focus on movies about autism in honor of the occasion.

Did you know there are 26 movies on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) with “Autism” in the title?

Movies About Autism on IMDB

Movies About Autism on IMDB - click to enlarge

If we examine the list a little more in depth, we notice that only one of the 26 movies was made in the 90′s, “A is for Autism” (1992) while the rest were released in the 2000′s. This is a bit of a reminder that Autism has only been getting recognized to the extent it has in the last decade. However, it is a fast growing issue gaining more attention each day.

As far as movies about autism are concerned, a search for autism as the plot keyword produces 222 movies/tv shows/documentaries/etc. about autism. However, I doubt the accuracy of this because “My Fair Lady” is in the search results and I cannot find anywhere in the plot description anything about autism. Having seen the movie myself, I can’t recall why story lines that would include autism but if you can think of one let me know.

Of course there are the popular titles; Rain Man, Temple Grandin (a must see by the way) and I am Sam on this list but there still doesn’t seem to be enough. Especially since 69 of these results point to television shows, 47 are short films and 54 are documentaries. Autism related plot lines need to make their way into more films. Movies are one of the key resources for transferring information or bringing awareness to a situation. If done correctly, it would also help dispel many myths and stereotypes of children with autism by exposing those that may not know someone with autism to a typical (I use the word lightly) person’s life with autism.

If we continue to support these movies with autistic characters, maybe more screenplays will be written about autism and we can continue to spread awareness of a life with autism.

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