A Mother’s Day Thought

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What day is today? Today is Mother’s Day!

A little Full House reference to get this post started. So, it’s Mother’s Day. Where does one begin when writing about mother’s day on an autism website? Firstly, I am not a mother. Well, my dog would be pretty upset if she knew I just typed that but in the “conventional” sense I am not a mother. I did not birth another human being or adopt one. My child has four legs, a heart of gold, and only really needs me to feed her and take her out a few times a day. Otherwise my responsibilities include tummy rubs and kisses. So I can’t really write anything and speak on behalf of a mother. Especially not one that has raised a child with autism. So I’m not going to try to. There are plenty of other people that are far more qualified to make those kind of observations. Speaking of, you should check out a diary of a mom if you haven’t yet. I cannot write with the same experiences she can but I encourage you all to check in with her stories. She can offer a lot that I cannot.

I got a little off track there but it was for a good cause so I’ll allow it. So today is mother’s day and there are so many of you, autism mothers, modern day warriors if you will, that deserve to be recognized and might I suggest even pampered for all that you do for your children. But if you’ll allow it, I’d like to talk a little bit about the other mother figures in an autistic child’s life. My mother is a paraprofessional in an elementary school. She works with children on the spectrum or with down syndrome or other disorders that would cause a child to need some help in school, but it’s mostly children with autism. I know that on a daily basis, she’s their school mom. Many of the kids rely on her for comfort and a sense of consistency or routine. She helps them with their assignments or therapies. I think some of them have even called her mom by a mistake. I couldn’t be more proud of my mom, knowing that she is making a difference in these children’s lives just by being there. She advocates for them too. She makes sure the teachers are being fair and not ignoring the kids. Oh, and did I mention my mother-in-law is also a paraprofessional? This year her student has CP but she has also worked with many children with autism. We are all walking together at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in June to support our cousin with autism and also the children my mom and mother-in-law have become school moms to over the years.

So if you are reading this and your child has a school mom too, remember to thank them for being your child’s safe place and adult advocate during the day. It’s not easy to do this alone so this mother’s day, I’d like to send a should out to the school moms for all they do for kids with autism.

By the way, this is the song I started the post with in case you didn’t devote the 90′s to watching Full House.


(it doesn’t seem to want to embed so you’ll have to click on the link.)

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2 Responses to “A Mother’s Day Thought”

  1. Cherilynn says:

    Fidnnig this post has answered my prayers

  2. Kim Oakley says:

    Very true. As a mom of an autistic child I am so grateful for all the people who have helped us, truly helped, with our autistic son. This includes some awesome teachers in the past, current home health nurses and a wonderful primary care physician. It’s people like this that support “autism moms” and help us get the respite, help and inspiration we often so desperately need.

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