Autism Awareness Month

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While many are celebrating the beginning of April, April Fool’s Day, and the showers that will surely be followed by May’s flowers, the Autism Community is gearing up for Autism Awareness Month. Tomorrow, April 2nd , is National Autism Awareness Day. Please make sure to make this your facebook status, tweet it to your followers, sign up for the Autism Speaks walk in your area and light it up blue for Autism Awareness. You can put blue candles in your windows at  home, change your light bulbs to blue, change your twitter background to blue and/or the picture to explain the reason why you are making everything blue! Make sure people are aware of why you are turning everything blue or it might not make the difference we need it to. Let’s make sure people know that autism is experiencing rapidly rising diagnosis rates and measures can be taken to help a child with autism manage their symptoms. Without the continued awareness, people will not be compelled to donate money, to fight for legislation that benefits the children and families of children with autism, and to speak up about autism! Without awareness, parents may not know the signs early on and as time goes by, the effects of the therapy is less than if started in the early developmental stages. Awareness is important for everyone; whether you or someone you know has autism or not. It affects us all so let’s make sure everyone is aware this year and each year to come!

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  1. [...] World Autism Awareness Day – April 2 2012 April 2nd, 2012 No Comments Autism Speaks has made this great graphic to help us all “Light it Up Blue” for World Autism Awareness Day. I encourage you to change your facebook, your twitter, and any other social networking sites to this graphic so people ask the question. Also, don’t forget to tell them about the new diagnosis rate and check out our previous post about Autism Awareness Month. [...]

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