Autistic Senior from Georgia, Sinclair Coffer, Denied Graduation

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Making news today is the story of,¬†Sinclair Coffer, a high school senior in Georgia who happens to be autistic. He has passed all portions of the state exam required to graduate with the exception of math. No one can claim he hasn’t tried either. His family hired tutors for him and had him take classes over the summer but has failed five attempts at the math portion. According to the local news station, he can apply for a waiver so he can still graduate. Sinclair did just that but for whatever reason, the school board denied his request and won’t let him graduate. What’s more is that Georgia passed a measure that says all students have to pass the math portion of the exam in order to graduate. However, this doesn’t come into effect until NEXT year! So why are they denying Sinclair his appeal to be able to graduate? Well for now, no one seems to know since the board refuses to give his family a reason for the denial.

This hardly seems fair. In fact some are claiming discrimination. Why bother allowing autistic students to apply for this waiver if an acceptance isn’t going to be granted? Sinclair has good grades and has certainly tried numerous times to pass the exam. There seems to be no reason to deny his request. I plan on following this story to see how it turns out. I hope I can report that he gets to graduate and receive his diploma this year.

Sinclair, we’re on your side!

Check out the video on a local station of Sinclair’s battle with the board of education.

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