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Autistic Doesn’t Mean Incapable of Success

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The next time someone doubts your abilities because of your diagnosis, show them this list of famous people with autism and explain to them that autism does not define you.       Famous People and Significant Contributors to Society on the Autism Spectrum information from:¬† And don’t forget Carly Fleischmann and Daniel Tammet, two [...]

Meet Carly Fleischmann, You Won’t be Sorry You Did

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The minute I think I finally am starting to understand autism better, I am approached with the story of Carly Fleischmann, the young autistic girl from Toronto Canada whose story has completely blown me away. Carly cannot speak in the “conventional” way but boy does she have a lot to say! Diagnosed with autism at [...]

Daniel Tammet, Autistic Genius

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Introducing Daniel Tammet: Writer, Tutor, Genius Daniel Tammet, the autistic genius from the UK, only further complicates the discussion regarding autism and whether it’s a gift or a disorder. Most would argue, for Daniel, it’s a gift. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at a late age, Daniel, now 32, is one of the world’s few “prodigious¬†savants”. [...]