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Loss of Almost 150 Brains Compromises Autism Research

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The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center located at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. suffered a major freezer malfunction that thawed almost 150 of the approximately 3,000 brains stored in this facility. Of the brains that were lost due to the malfunction, 54 were specifically for autism research. According to the article in the NY Times, [...]

Autistic Senior from Georgia, Sinclair Coffer, Denied Graduation

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Making news today is the story of, Sinclair Coffer, a high school senior in Georgia who happens to be autistic. He has passed all portions of the state exam required to graduate with the exception of math. No one can claim he hasn’t tried either. His family hired tutors for him and had him take classes [...]

Mothers of Children with Autism Work Fewer Hours, Make Less Money

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Unfortunately most of the people reading this  will not find this as “news”. A study recently released shows that mothers of autistic children earn less money than mothers of children with no health limitations. They also are more likely to be unemployed or work less hours per week. Mothers of children with autism: are less [...]

Seven Year Old Autistic Boy Rescued from Creek in Australia by News Station

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A seven year old boy had been missing in Australia a few days ago. Amazingly, a news crew was passing by a creek when they spotted him clinging to the reeds on the opposite side from where they were driving. Ryan Pham was naked and noticeably shivering in the creek when they found him. The camera man, [...]

Dr Humphreys’ Article In the Irish Examiner Didn’t Feel so Good to Parents of Children with Autism

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Dr. Tony Humphreys started quite the disturbance in the autism community on February 3rd when the Irish Examiner published an article he wrote that insinuates a link between parenting and autism. In a nutshell, he argues that a lack of emotional presence in a child’s life will lead to their being detached and emotionally unresponsive. [...]

Autistic Child Area Signs

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Is the “Autistic Child Area” Sign Helpful or Not? When I first saw that the City of Green Bay in Wisconsin began utilizing traffic warning signs to alert drivers that a child with autism was in the area, I thought it was a good thing. Then I started thinking about it some more and wondering [...]