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Roses For Autism Offers Valentine’s Gifts with a Special Meaning

Roses for Autism - Red Bouquet
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Every year at this time, couples scramble to figure out what to get each other. What if I told you you don’t have to search anymore? Roses for Autism is a rose growing business from Guilford, CT started by a father and his teenage son with autism. The vision, according to their website, is “To [...]

President Obama Renews the “Combating Autism Reauthorization Act”

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America Will Not Quit on Them! The “Combating Autism Reauthorization Act” became a law in 2006, just 1 year after Autism Speaks was founded, and has since then provided over $945 million over five years for autism research, services, and treatment. The extension, signed by President Obama on Friday, September 30th, ensures another three years [...]

Introducing the Autism Safety Initiative

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The National Autism Association has created a new website for their Autism Safety Initiative which provides resources to address Bullying, Wandering, Restraint and Seclusion, and Suicide Prevention in the Autism Community. Wandering In the last month, there have been numerous incidents of children, teenagers and adults with autism wandering from their homes. On Autism Central [...]

Insurance for Autism in Rhode Island

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New Legislation in Rhode Island Requires all Insurers to cover screenings, diagnosis and treatment of all Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) As of June, 2011, Rhode Island joined the 26 other states that require insurance companies to cover autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, screenings and treatment. The insurance for autism covers the child up to his/her 15th birthday up [...]

Autism Speaks… Another Point of View

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Most feel Autism Speaks but doesn’t listen, this mother proved them wrong. Recently I posted about Autism Speaks from the point of view of the Autism Self Advocacy Network; well, the Ohio State Chapter of it anyway. To be fair, I thought I would highlight this blog entry by a mother of a child with autism. Her blogs [...]

Autism Speaks… For Who?

People not puzzles
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I came across this YouTube video made in April 2010 during Autism Awareness Month on the Ohio  State campus made by the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) chapter in Central Ohio. It focused on the idea that Autism Speaks really doesn’t speak for people with autism. They go around campus with the intention of handing [...]