Eric Duquette’s Graduation Speech

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Photo: Eric Duquette's Graduation SpeechIt’s that time of year again. So many young people are graduating and moving on whether from high school to college or from college to their next path in life. This inspirational story about Eric Duquette, the salutatorian at Smithfield High School in Rhode Island diagnosed at an early age with autism, is a must watch for everyone. He is both smart and funny and a great role model to all of us. Eric Duquette’s graduation speech shown in clips in the video linked below, breaks the stereotypes that people with autism cannot excel in school.

His parents are equally amazing. They didn’t listen to the doctors who told them his prognosis was poor and probably would end up in an institution. Instead they helped him by focusing on a certain number of words per day and taught him sign language to help with his ability to speak.

Watch the video at the following link. You won’t be sorry you did.

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