Ice Block Cooler Lights it up Blue for Autism Awareness

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I was approached by the creator of the Ice Block Cooler last weekend to help him get the word out about his entrepreneurial endeavor to create a cool, usable item that also benefits the autism community. His six year old son is diagnosed with autism and they needed something to help them fund his way through school. What’s so wonderful about this product is that according to their website “Every time an ICE Block Coolerâ„¢ is purchased, a portion of the profits will go towards Autism treatment organizations.” The cooler lights up blue in the hopes that people who buy the product will become more aware of the needs of the autism community and help to advance the research efforts.

They created the Ice Block Cooler out of an idea to keep drinks cold if you order multiple drinks at a bar. The cooler fits easily in a freezer or fridge and the gel packs inside freeze to act as the cooling system. Each cooler has six openings that fit all cans and most bottles. Their design has gone through many iterations and is now complete. However, they need help getting to the next level; mass production.

They are asking for contributions through their website and and certain level contributions will get you one of the first ice block coolers as they become available.

Please check out this new product and help spread the word. We’re all in this together and need each other’s support to continue the efforts to raise awareness for autism.

Ice Block Cooler

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