iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps for Autism

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The iDevices are great for people with autism. The touch screens are easy to use and the app store offers a great selection of what we like to call “autism friendly apps” that really benefit people with autism and caretakers of people with autism.

There are great apps for creativity out there like:

  • Virtuoso Piano – Free
  • Splatter HD – Free
    Splatter for iPad
  • Glockenspiel – Free (iPad version also available)
  • Garage Band – $4.99 – iPad Only – This app is absolutely worth the $5. I would have paid more! You get drums, pianos (including almost endless synthesizers and organs), and smart guitars/basses/pianos/etc. You can also record your child’s song. This is a must for the iPad!

If you’re looking for apps that are specifically designed for people with autism, try these:

For behavioral and communication solutions, you might find some of the following helpful,

  • iRewardChart Lite – Free – helps you keep track of your child’s rewards by giving starts and then they can “buy rewards” based on the number of stars they have.
  • Grace – There is a great website that shows how it works complete with a manual. It looks like a great app for “non-verbal” people with autism to communicate effectively. Check out: http://graceappforautismoniphone.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Do you have favorite apps? Share them below in the comments! If you want to give a review of an app, feel free to submit it here and we will post it on the site.

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