Mothers of Children with Autism Work Fewer Hours, Make Less Money

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Unfortunately most of the people reading this ¬†will not find this as “news”. A study recently released shows that mothers of autistic children earn less money than mothers of children with no health limitations. They also are more likely to be unemployed or work less hours per week.

Mothers of children with autism:

  • are less likely to be employed than mothers of children without health limitations
  • work an average of 7 hours less per week
  • earn 35% less than mothers of children with health limitations but not autism
  • earn 56% less than mothers of children with no health limitations
These families, on average, earn approximately $18,000 less per year than those families of children without autism.
Some have attributed this decrease in mothers’ working hours to the lack of care children with autism get outside of the family. Mothers have to be the advocates, caregivers, and in many cases, the teachers, for their children. This doesn’t leave much time for work especially if that advocating means bring the child to and from therapies. I’ve also noticed some people commenting around the internet adding that the overall stress of having a child with autism is enough to cause a mother not to be able to work either or if she does work, she is limited by not being able to perform at the highest level and therefore does not see the same raises and promotions as her peers.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Is this obvious? Share your thoughts with us today!
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