Roses For Autism Offers Valentine’s Gifts with a Special Meaning

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Every year at this time, couples scramble to figure out what to get each other. What if I told you you don’t have to search anymore? Roses for Autism is a rose growing business from Guilford, CT started by a father and his teenage son with autism. The vision, according to their website, is “To create a replicable model for employing adults with autism”. While many of our donations go to funding research for cures and other information, Roses for Autism is different because it provides a business model that can be replicated by other businesses to include adults with disabilities as their employees. Their program outcome is:

  • To build transferable social and job readiness skills via a customized training program
  • To prepare and bridge employment opportunities for individuals with autism within businesses across Connecticut

Founder and owner, Jim Lyman, wanted to make sure his son could “have a meaningful job and continued opportunities to grow as an individual.” (Roses for Autism – “Our Story”) He started the business in 2009 after a local rose stand had closed due to tough competition with foreign rose importers. Now in it’s third year, Roses for Autism grows 16 varieties of roses year round and supplies them around the country.

Roses for Autism - Red Bouquet

Roses for Autism - Red Bouquet -

If you don’t like roses, you can support the business by purchasing key rings, hats, ties, and even flash drives! If you still don’t want any of that, you can sponsor a rose bush or simply send a donation. According to their website, “100% of your purchase supports employing adults with autism”. I can’t think of a better reason to buy roses this Valentine’s Day, can you? Make sure you place your order soon because Valentine’s Day is only 1 week away!

If you live in Connecticut and are interested in getting your son or daughter involved at the farm, you may want to check out their information about the program here.

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