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Asperger’s Syndrome Documentary – David Jordan

The following video was posted by Dr. David Jordan. A documentary was made about him and is worth watching. He now has a PhD in geology and was diagnosed with aspergers in 2002 at the age of 29.

Max Braverman Goes Missing on Parenthood

I finally got around to watching this week’s episode of Parenthood (thank you DVR) featuring Max Braverman and his family and their struggle when he goes missing. Now, this was my first time even watching Parenthood but I was able to get a fairly decent grasp of the plot line; with one exception that required [...]

Wandering Addressed in This Week’s Episode of Parenthood – “Missing”

The NBC tv show Parenthood, now in its third season, addresses the all too familiar topic of wandering and missing children diagnosed with an ASD. Max Braverman, played by Max Burkholder (woah, confusing), has Asperger’s in the show but the actor does not. Max the actor meets with a specialist every few episodes to make sure [...]

South Park Takes on Asperger’s

South Park is no stranger to offensive content on their show. Last Wednesday, October 5th 2011, was the season 15 premier episode. That night as the world learned about the death of Steve Jobs (ex-CEO and founder of Apple), South Park aired its first episode of the season, “Ass Burgers”. The next morning I opened [...]

Daniel Tammet, Autistic Genius

Introducing Daniel Tammet: Writer, Tutor, Genius Daniel Tammet, the autistic genius from the UK, only further complicates the discussion regarding autism and whether it’s a gift or a disorder. Most would argue, for Daniel, it’s a gift. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at a late age, Daniel, now 32, is one of the world’s few “prodigious savants”. [...]

What is Autism?

Asking ourselves “What is Autism” is the first step to understanding how to treat it and what causes it. I started writing all of these articles about Autism but quickly realized through my research that I don’t know as much about autism as I thought I did. I know it’s a spectrum disorder meaning there [...]