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WPSU Autism Playlist on YouTube

I was recently contacted by a member of, a public media group in Pennsylvania, that asked me to share their YouTube playlist all about autism. As of the date of this post, they have 7 videos to share about autism. Included in this list is an interview with Temple Grandin and two videos titled [...]

The CDC Announces New Autism Rate: 1 in 88

The CDC released their latest study based on data from 2008 that concludes the rate of autism has climbed to one in every 88 children. The data was collected in 14 states with children at the age of 8. This age was selected because by this time most children have already been diagnosed if they [...]

A Brief Look at the Movies About Autism

Autism Movies on IMDB

With the Academy Awards happening tonight, I thought we would focus on movies about autism in honor of the¬†occasion. Did you know there are 26 movies on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) with “Autism” in the title? If we examine the list a little more in depth, we notice that only one of the 26 [...]

10 Things my Autistic Kids Wished you Knew, from

We often say that no researcher or doctor can really portray what it is like to live with someone with Autism or have Autism the way someone living it every day can. Rob, a father of three children with Autism and the creator of Lost and Tired, wrote a list called “10 Things my Autistic [...]

Autism Friendly Broadway Experiences Now Showing

First Autism Friendly Broadway Show A few weeks ago we talked about a new program aimed at offering Autism-Friendly Movie Showings in the UK. The Theatre Development Fund (TDF) is following suit by offering Autism Friendly Broadway shows for children and adults who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The new program, called the [...]

What is Autism?

Asking ourselves “What is Autism” is the first step to understanding how to treat it and what causes it. I started writing all of these articles about Autism but quickly realized through my research that I don’t know as much about autism as I thought I did. I know it’s a spectrum disorder meaning there [...]