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Ladonn Holman, 23 Year Old Chicago Man with Autism Missing in San Jose

Relatives of Ladonn Holman are growing more concerned since the 23 year old autistic man from Chicago went missing in San Jose California on December 27th. Ladonn moved to San Jose to work for a marketing team named USA Organic. He has been off his medications according to the family and gets easily confused and scared [...]

Missing NYC Teen with Autism

UPDATE: JANICE LEWIS FOUND ALIVE!! Around 3pm word on twitter spread from her brother and other that Janice Lewis had been found alive in Brooklyn! So happy for this outcome and for Janice and her family. Thanks to all who helped spread the word! Seventeen year old Janice Lewis was last seen Tuesday, December 6th [...]

Max Braverman Goes Missing on Parenthood

I finally got around to watching this week’s episode of Parenthood (thank you DVR) featuring Max Braverman and his family and their struggle when he goes missing. Now, this was my first time even watching Parenthood but I was able to get a fairly decent grasp of the plot line; with one exception that required [...]

A Real Miracle, Robbie Wood Jr Found Safe After Disappearing 6 Days Ago

In what is one of the most amazing and uplifting stories I’ve ever heard, Robbie Wood Jr has been found safe after wandering from his father┬álast Sunday on a hike. He was found in a quarry, less than a mile from where he was last seen. He seemed to be in good condition and was [...]

Search for Robbie Wood Jr. Continues

Update: Thursday October 27th, 12pm ET Volunteers are still needed in the search for Robbie Wood. They are especially asking anyone who as already been trained to return to help in the search. If you do decide to help out, make sure you’re dressed for hiking in dense wooded areas. Let’s not lose hope either. [...]

Kentucky Boy with Autism Missing

UPDATE: Randall has been found alive! A 7 year old boy with autism, Randall Chesser, is missing from his home in Willisburg, KY. He was reported missing late Saturday night and was last seen at 6pm Saturday evening. The Kentucky State Police have been asked to take over the investigation. There are no signs of [...]