Wandering Addressed in This Week’s Episode of Parenthood – “Missing”

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The NBC tv show Parenthood, now in its third season, addresses the all too familiar topic of wandering and missing children diagnosed with an ASD. Max Braverman, played by Max Burkholder (woah, confusing), has Asperger’s in the show but the actor does not. Max the actor meets with a specialist every few episodes to make sure his acting is an accurate portrayal of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s.

Season three’s episode ten is called “Missing” because the main plot is the disappearance of Max while his busy mother and father are working. The hour long drama airs Tuesday, November 29th at 10pm on NBC. A preview of the episode can be viewed below. They’ve taken down the preview since it has already aired. You can watch the full episode of missing here: http://www.nbc.com/parenthood/video/missing/1370967/

Check back for a review of the episode later this week in case you missed it.

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