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Missing Autistic Children

In the past month, there have been numerous missing autistic children. Some have not been so fortunate as to return home but most have had a happy ending. This leads us to stress the importance of the safety of our children with autism. Wandering is becoming an increasingly serious issue. We have compiled a list of the most publicized cases of wandering children with autism in the last two months just to show the magnitude of the situation.

  • 8/12/11 – Nathan Carmen,  17 years old, aspergers, from Connecticut, found safe in Virginia
  • 8/21/11 - Zachary Gallo, 16 years old, autism, Connecticut, found safe 1 day later
  • 8/28/11 - Desiree Oldwoman, 21 years old, autism, Alberta, CA, still missing
  • 9/7/11 - Kaymania Serenity Catta, 5 years old, autism, Virginia, body found in a nearby lake
  • 9/12/11 - Joshua Robb, 8 years old, autism, California,  found safe 1 day later
  • 9/17/11 - Logan, 7 years old, autism, NY, found safe the next morning
  • 9/18/11 - Christian Lee Linden, 18 years old, aspergers, Oregon, still missing – for more information visit this link
  • 9/19/11 – Autistic teenager from Worcester, MA, found safe shortly after running away from his school bus
  • 9/20/11 - Stephen Liu, 14 years old, Toronto, found safe today (9/21/11)

This list is not even close to comprehensive. This story would never have been published because we would still be updating the list. While almost all of these incidents had a happy ending, the important information to take from it is that there are too many children running away from home or school putting them in potentially dangerous situations. The Autism Safety Initiative has recently posted information for families of children with autism on their wandering page under resources.

Please take the time to review these resources and ensure your child’s safety so we don’t have to continue reporting on so many missing children. Let’s make this a better place for children with autism.


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  1. Janet says:

    Every autistic child and adult in America should have a GPS of some kind on them so they can be easily found if they get lost!!

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