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Hi! My name is Danielle and I am the creator of Autism Central. One morning while getting ready for work, when I do my best thinking, I started thinking about creating a website for people with autism and caregivers/parents of people with autism to come and share their stories and get advice from one another. I am not diagnosed with autism nor do I have a child with autism however I have a family member diagnosed with autism and am married to a special educator.

The desire to better understand autism was immediate for me. I wanted to know why the diagnosis did not present itself the same way from one person to the next. Sure there are similarities and signs to look for but the range was perplexing.  I had an immediate desire to do anything possible to raise awareness.  My goal is to provide ideas and share current research with the Autism community.

Many advances have been made since I first learned about autism and awareness has certainly been raised. With the help of social media and the Internet, people are able to communicate their thoughts, what works and what doesn’t, and ask questions. My goal is to provide people with a forum to voice their experiences and ask questions in a safe space.  This site can also be used as a tool for finding the latest news stories and helpful information regarding the autism spectrum.

For the loyal followers of this site, you have probably noticed some changes since its origination.  I am continually trying to figure out what formats work best for the viewers. Thank you for your continued support of Autism Central.

- Danielle

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A Little About Me

I’m a civil engineer working at a private firm in Connecticut where I design roadways, street treatments for commercial or residential developments, railroad stations and similar projects. I started my college career at the University of Connecticut as a computer science and engineering undergrad and switched to civil engineering in my first year. I have always enjoyed computer programming and writing code which brings me here to web development. I also play several instruments to keep myself sane.

Why do you need to know this? Well, I suppose you don’t but I know I like to know a little about the people I share things with online and I hope that by bringing my own personal information to the site, others will feel comfortable doing the same. Thanks for your continued support and I hope to learn more about each of you as I continue to expand Autism Central.

Why ads?

I placed ads on here to generate revenue from the site’s traffic. I am only one person and don’t have enough time to write as much content as I think this website needs. I’m hoping that the site’s traffic and ad revenue can sustain the need for a writer to join me and also pay for the costs to host the site and pay for the domain. Thanks for your understanding.

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